About Us

Height & Talent Co., Ltd. specializes in providing a variety of the most advanced steel wire / steel pipe processing and metal forming technology and equipment.

Technology and processing equipment field:

(一) Profile wire rolling mill

◎ Precise production of special shaped wires

(二) Wire Mesh welding equipment for

◎ Shelves, display , shopping fitting, condenser.

◎ Reinforcement welded wire mesh, fencing mesh.

(三) Wire Forming Equipment

◎ Precision CNC spring coiling machine

◎ Steel wire straightening, cutting off machine, chamfering machine

◎ Steel wire / pipe CNC bending machine

◎ High-speed nail making machine, chain machines

(四) Rolling

◎ Wire rolling cassette, Tungsten carbide rolls

Height & Talent’s professional team provides customers with the most appropriate, economical, and advanced processing technology and equipment for a comprehensive solution and is experienced and responsible for the rapid service support, so as to become a long-term partner of customers.